Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I have been blogging at a new spot for a looooooong time now. I actually forgot that I had a blogger account. That is, until I could only comment on some blogger blogs if I had an account already. So I am keeping my account to do just that.

If you are interested - take a look at zenknit.wordpress.com

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Monday, December 22, 2003

I've been reading a lot of knitting blogs lately. Especially Knitdad. I am seriously hooked on knitting again. I taught myself when I was in grade school, and then got some help from a friend's mother. I knit a lot of mittens in highschool, then gave it up until probably 1999 or so. I was in a beading slump, but found myself getting seriously hooked on looking at beaded knitted amulet (spirit bag) purses. So, that is when I picked up knitting.

For that type of knitting one uses really tiny steel knitting needles sold as double points in sets of 4 or 5, but you really just 2 (one pair) and work straight back and forth. Regular knitting needles just don't come in that small size (0000 and 00000). So I did a huge pile of those; they can be seen on my beadwork website Healing Beadwork.

Last year I decided I wanted to get back into regular knitting (on larger needles). I decided to learn how to knit socks, which is still on smallish needles, US size 2 and 3 or so, but that is huge compared to the 0000's I was working on for the beaded knitted bags.

I also knit up a bunch of hats for charity, and most of my socks were for the Children in Common group. Want to check out the socks? Here they are!

This year's knitting has been prayer shawls done in acrylic yarn by Lion Brands called Homespun. It is super soft and I love how they turn out. I am keeping all but one to use for my clients (hypnotherapy).

Last week I finished a very long scarf in Homespun for DH, and then a scarf in some of my stash yarn for a Christmas gift. I just ordered a bunch of yarn from Smiley's (sale yarn). Enough to knit my first sweater.

I have put off knitting a sweater because I am a large-sized gal and I have had a tough time trying to find something that would fit that appeals to me. Buying so much yarn is daunting too. So, I decided to just do it - however, with cheaper yarn just in case. I have a few patterns from Sally Melville's new, Knit Stich - The Purl Stitch book picked out. I hardly wait to start!

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Yesterday, I had to kill my friend. That is what it feels like... when I put my cat Bud down. It was very sad, but I felt better afterward because it is done and I don't have to make that decision again. It feels weird now - there is this empty place in my heart. We still have our other two cats, Guinevere and Arthur - cute, huh? They are acting sad too, or just reacting to how we are feeling by being extra snuggly.

It will be interesting to see if G and A start getting along better. They were pretty okay before we brought them into the house with Bud. WT and I were living at his place (a rental) for a while and that is when we got G & A. Bud was with my sister at my house. When WT and I moved back into the house, Bud stayed and my sister left.

Bud has been with us about 15 years or so. I wish I could remember when Chaachi and I got him at the animal shelter. Chaachi found him, I was looking at a much younger grey cat. Bud was a real sweetie. He was a bluish grey color and had an egyptian cat face, very triangular. Bud was a magic cat and he did healing with us. I miss him.

Monday, December 02, 2002

We have been back from the Spiritual Regression training with Michael Newton through the NATH organization for some time now. Both WT and I have been busy with getting our 5 cases done so that we can be certified. We have both done the sessions, but the write-up is the hard part. I have found if I don't do it immediately (after the client has left) then the tapes just sit there, taunting me. I listened to the 2nd session I did - here at home (the first session was at the training and that has already been written up). Now I should really do the write-up after having listened to the tapes, but here I sit, updating my blog and noodling around on the computer instead. What is up with that?

Unlike doing Reiki, teaching, reading Tarot and regular hypnotherapy, the Life-Between-Life (LBL) (also known as Spiritual Regression) takes alot of of me. I felt so depleated after doing them, which has lessened as I have done each one, but. I figured out that I just wasn't breathing correctly. Holding my breath, trying hard to listen (most people speak very softly in trance) while trying to juggle my notes, written directions/scripts, watch the time and attend to the tapes. That is a lot of juggling. Breathing would help :-)

So, now I am trading some hypnotherapy work with a client that can help me with breath-work. The trade is terrific!

More later.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

I haven't done much with this but I need to journal some of my recent happenings so what the heck. I got back from my workshop doing Past Life Regression Therapy aka Matrix Therapy with Roger Woolger and Eve Greenberg. It has been pretty crazy since and I haven't had time to just sit and "be". The work was intense. Not highly mental - more experiencial, which is okay...I studied plenty before the 6 day workshop. All of the people were great - not a slacker in the bunch however, as with any group - there always seems to be the few that just won't shut up. Hmmmm, I wonder if I have ever been that chatty person? I am thinking about taking the whole series of 4 to get the certification but I can't quite decide this until I finish my workshop with Michael Newton (Journey of Souls & Destiny of Souls) - WT and I are taking this course the end of September. Enough for now - more later.