Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Yesterday, I had to kill my friend. That is what it feels like... when I put my cat Bud down. It was very sad, but I felt better afterward because it is done and I don't have to make that decision again. It feels weird now - there is this empty place in my heart. We still have our other two cats, Guinevere and Arthur - cute, huh? They are acting sad too, or just reacting to how we are feeling by being extra snuggly.

It will be interesting to see if G and A start getting along better. They were pretty okay before we brought them into the house with Bud. WT and I were living at his place (a rental) for a while and that is when we got G & A. Bud was with my sister at my house. When WT and I moved back into the house, Bud stayed and my sister left.

Bud has been with us about 15 years or so. I wish I could remember when Chaachi and I got him at the animal shelter. Chaachi found him, I was looking at a much younger grey cat. Bud was a real sweetie. He was a bluish grey color and had an egyptian cat face, very triangular. Bud was a magic cat and he did healing with us. I miss him.