Monday, December 02, 2002

We have been back from the Spiritual Regression training with Michael Newton through the NATH organization for some time now. Both WT and I have been busy with getting our 5 cases done so that we can be certified. We have both done the sessions, but the write-up is the hard part. I have found if I don't do it immediately (after the client has left) then the tapes just sit there, taunting me. I listened to the 2nd session I did - here at home (the first session was at the training and that has already been written up). Now I should really do the write-up after having listened to the tapes, but here I sit, updating my blog and noodling around on the computer instead. What is up with that?

Unlike doing Reiki, teaching, reading Tarot and regular hypnotherapy, the Life-Between-Life (LBL) (also known as Spiritual Regression) takes alot of of me. I felt so depleated after doing them, which has lessened as I have done each one, but. I figured out that I just wasn't breathing correctly. Holding my breath, trying hard to listen (most people speak very softly in trance) while trying to juggle my notes, written directions/scripts, watch the time and attend to the tapes. That is a lot of juggling. Breathing would help :-)

So, now I am trading some hypnotherapy work with a client that can help me with breath-work. The trade is terrific!

More later.