Tuesday, September 03, 2002

I haven't done much with this but I need to journal some of my recent happenings so what the heck. I got back from my workshop doing Past Life Regression Therapy aka Matrix Therapy with Roger Woolger and Eve Greenberg. It has been pretty crazy since and I haven't had time to just sit and "be". The work was intense. Not highly mental - more experiencial, which is okay...I studied plenty before the 6 day workshop. All of the people were great - not a slacker in the bunch however, as with any group - there always seems to be the few that just won't shut up. Hmmmm, I wonder if I have ever been that chatty person? I am thinking about taking the whole series of 4 to get the certification but I can't quite decide this until I finish my workshop with Michael Newton (Journey of Souls & Destiny of Souls) - WT and I are taking this course the end of September. Enough for now - more later.